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Benefits of Spa Therapy

Aspen purposefully goes beyond the expected to create a complete sensory experience. See, feel and hear the relaxing and invigorating sensations of total spa therapy that appeal to the body, mind and soul and flawlessly complements a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.

The therapeutic gains of a soak in a spa are astounding. The whole self can reap the incredible benefits of time spent in an Aspen Spa, from a better night’s sleep to an energized body, after indulging in massage therapy and more in one of our exclusive designs.


Pure Relaxation

For thousands of years, humans have been using the power of the temporary near-weightlessness associated with a soak in hot water to release tension in joints and muscles and to achieve total relaxation. The buoyancy of your body when immersed in water decreases pressure and weight on sore or arthritic joints. Additionally, the heat of a dip in the spa loosens tight muscles and promotes relaxation.

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