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Colora (ES and GS Model)


The New for 2020 - Introducing the Colorado

The partner spa of the wildly-popular Quattro features 2 deep Captain's Chairs, each with precision jetting patterns to target specific muscle groupings. The Colorado joins the small spa niche, but boasts a spacious, elongated footwell that supplies ample space for all bathers. Enjoy the power and massive massaging benefits of a large hot tub in this smartly designed space saver! 


ES Model

Our top-of-the-line hot tub offering the total-therapy package and amenity options.

  • Pump 1: 24 Hour Circulation

  • Pump 2: 10 Amp, 2 Speed

  • Pump 3: 10 Amp, 2 Speed

  • 55 Stainless & Graphite Halo Jets

  • 2 - 70 Gallons Per Minute

  • Gecko k.1000 Touch Screen

  • Chromatherapy Lighting

  • Including Controls and Pillows

  • Illuminated with Backlit Bezel

  • 100 Sq Ft.

  • Standard, Programmable

  • Fully Insulated

  • 230 VAC @ 36 Amp


GS Model

A great therapeutic hot tub featuring comforting touches of luxury.

  • Pump 1: 8 Amp, 2 Speed

  • Pump 2: 8 Amp, 1 Speed

  • Pump 3: Optional 24-Hour Circulation

  • 40 Stainless & Graphite Halo Jets

  • Optional

  • Gecko YE-3

  • Gecko K.506

  • Mini-Chromatherapy Lighting

  • Standard

  • 100 Sq Ft.

  • Standard, Programmable

  • Fully Insulated

  • 230 VAC @ 32 Amp


Seating Options

We know not every seat can fit every body, and what one person may find comfortable, may not be the favorite of another. With varying seats, seat heights, jet patterns and jet sizes, each spot in your spa offers a totally different feel from the last. And since they all address particular problem areas you may have in your muscles, your Aspen Spa is guaranteed to meet your personal needs and wants for ultimate relaxation and comfort.

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