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Why Steel City Spas?

Extensive range
A Wide selection of New & Used hot tubs and 2 swim spa models. No matter what size or individual requirements, with Aspen Spas’ custom built hot tubs; we can cater to your every need.

Value for money
Our hot tubs start at a modest $3000 up to a respectable $11,995.

Peace of mind
We have 100% confidence in ALL our products and therefore offer up to 10 year warranty on our hot tubs.

Exceptional service
We aim to exceed your expectations and earn your lifetime loyalty, by delivering exceptional service. This is a clear measure of success for us, and we pride ourselves on the many hundreds of satisfied customers, we have serviced throughout the GTA with a focus on selling hot tubs in the Hamilton Surrounding area.

Pure Quality
Unlike other businesses we believe in transparent pricing. We are not commission based, so you won’t get hard sell from us. Instead, a dedicated and professional service with openness and honesty at its core. We display, advertise and stand by our pricing, offering the best the industry has at a more sensible and fair price.


We don’t compromise
Unlike other suppliers, here at Steel City Discount Spas, we do not compromise on the specification of our hot tubs because of price; we use the same components and parts on all our hot tubs. Many suppliers offer cheap plastic and wooden alternatives in there lower end ranges, indeed some do across their entire range! All our hot tubs are made to the highest standards using the global leading Lucite Acrylic and 100% maintenance free cabinets.

We offer a selection of competitive Finance deals, including Buy now Pay later options.

Chemicals and accessories
We have a wide stock of chemicals and accessories at our showroom, located on the Hamilton mountain; 720 Upper James St. You can find more information at our hot tub chemicals and accessories page here…

Hot tub – Test Drive
A chance to try before you buy. Ask your spa consultant about booking a private session to enjoy the spa in action before you take one home! See us for further details…

Replacement covers
If you need a replacement cover for your hot tub then look no further.
We Custom order your cover for the Exact perfect match. Click here for more information on how to get your replacement cover


Exclusive Designs

Every Aspen model was meticulously developed by our team of engineers to deliver the experience of a lifetime every single time you enter your spa.

Here’s why: We know that every seat can’t possibly fit every body, nor is one design ideal for all.

The Aspen family of spas offers four unique seats, with varying combinations depending on spa model. Every seat in your hot tub is a different height, a different width and has different jet patterns and sizes, meaning each seat offers a distinct experience. Our custom-designed spas also feature an enormous foot well and the utmost in efficient use of space, maximizing enjoyment for all bathers.



There’s nothing relaxing about trying to deal with a hot tub that doesn’t want to work. The spa connoisseurs at Aspen have carefully chosen innovative premium equipment, developed by industry leaders, to ensure you have the highest-performing, most reliable and overall best spa on the market.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • We use Gecko spa pumps, the industry leader in efficiency, which provide incredible power and performance.

  • Gecko also offers programmable packs and controls so you can easily regulate your spa.

  • Our CMP jets are equipped with EPDM rubber grommet gaskets to provide a superior seal.

  • Each jet is plumbed with an Aspen-designed schedule 40 semi-rigid shurgrip hose, which delivers unrivaled performance and reliability.

High-performance and unwavering reliability: When you’ve got an Aspen, you can actually relax.



  • Every spa’s thick six-layer shell, made of only the highest-quality materials on the market, provides lasting strength and keeps the heat inside your tub.

  • Our maintenance-free cabinets and ABS spa bottoms are made from recycled plastic, which means they’ll look great and perform perfectly for years to come.

  • Our spas’ shell is Lucite acrylic, the leader in the industry in durability and beauty. Even Lucite, themselves, prefer our innovative shell-bonding method to those of other manufacturers.



Ordinary hot tubs don’t have the best reputation when it comes to being sanitary. It’s a good thing we’re not ordinary. With the help of the highest-quality equipment in the industry, Aspen Spas offer you the peace of mind that comes with clean, clear, bacteria-free water.

  • Our two speed programmable pumps or 24-hour circulation pumps keep water flowing to prevent bacterial buildup.

  • Your spa’s ozonator provides an extra ion to kill bacteria in the water.

  • Efficient Microban filters don’t allow bacteria to grow in your Aspen Spa’s filtration system.

  • Our easy-to-maintain spas mean less stress and frustration.

It’s a lot more relaxing knowing your spa is clean. And with our dedication to providing extraordinary quality and regular maintenance, you can let it all go.



Aspen Spas uses an innovative form of insulation that addresses heat retention and energy efficiency at every level. Every Aspen Spa is geared towards keeping your energy bill down and your wallet happy.

  • We do recognize the value of using foam, so your spa’s shell and lip are sprayed with 2 lb. closed cell foam, preventing heat (and money) loss.

  • The fully insulated* ABS bottom pan stops cold from seeping in, so you’re not wasting energy and money trying to keep your spa warm.

  • Reflectix, an insulation/foil hybrid, reflects heat back into your spa, sealing the cabinet and keeping the heat inside (where you want it!).

  • Your Aspen Spas’ hard cover uses 1.5 lb closed-cell foam wrapped in 5 mm plastic to ward off water absorption, which can be costly over time, and to block the warmth from rising out of your spa.


Customer Service

Simply put, we know our spas are the best on the market, because they are built with quality and innovation at the forefront. We take immense pride in being able to offer our consumers exclusive designs that maximize comfort for all body sizes and shapes. We pay careful attention to ensuring your spa will remain as beautiful and functional as the day you picked it out. We know the products we incorporate into your Aspen Spa mean you’ll always have clear water and will save energy and money. And we’re confident that you’ll find the reliability and performance of your Aspen Spa, its plumbing, technology and more, far surpass that of hot tubs made in other parts of the country and the world.

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