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NorthStar (GS/VS Model)

Northstar_tuscan-sun (1).png

81″ Round WITH CAPTAIN’S CHAIR (5 Adults)

  • 1 Captain’s Chair

  • 3 Bench Seats

  • 1 Step Entry

* This spa does not come in an ES spa series, but is available in our GS and VS series.

The Northstar is the ideal enhancement for your life and your yard. Its smaller size and round shape are reminiscent of the classic hot tub and will fit in seamlessly with your outdoor living space. It offers enough space for five adults and is available in the VS

Mountain Range Series.
This spa features one Captain's Chair, three bench seats and one entry step.


Exclusive Steel City Discount Spas offer:

Fully Insulated base Double wrapped / Arctic Package  Providing you with the best insulation on the market!

Ozonator disinfects your water allowing you to use 80% LESS chemicals

Water Capacity: 300 gallons
Dry Weight: 600 lb
Filled Weight: 3200 lb

SIZE: 81″ round


VS Model

An excellent value including all the most important therapy options.

  • Pump 1: 10 Amp, 2 Speed

  • 30 Stainless & Graphite Halo

  • N/A

  • Gecko YE-3

  • Gecko K.300

  • 3.5” LED Mood Light

  • (2) Roman Fountains

  • 50 Sq Ft.

  • Standard, Programmable

  • Fully Insulated

  • 230 VAC @ 24 Amp

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