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Superior Water In Motion


  • 2 Captain’s Chairs

  • 1 Bench Seat

  • Recovery Seat

  • Dual 3-Tier Steps

  • Swim Lane 134” x 83”

  • 90.5” x 94.5” x 54”

  • (15’10”1/2” x 7’10”1/2” x 4’6”)

  • Max Spa Volume: 2000 Gallons

  • Dry Weight: 2000 lb

  • Filled Weight: 18680 lb

  • Swimming, known to be one of the best workouts, can now be on-demand at your convenience in the comforts of your backyard.

Soak up the benefits of hydrotherapy to wind down the day.

  • Create a new playground for the entire family.

  • Aspen Spas developed its S.W.I.M. Series Swim Spas with a fresh approach…

Swim in place, for as long as you want, as hard as you want. Designed with a longer, wider swim lane and equipped with 3 – XP3E Swim Pumps powering 6-Swim-Power Turbo Jets (110 gallons per minute each), the S.W.I.M. 16 E is certain to deliver the perfect aquatic
workout for you and your family. 

Exclusive Steel City Discount Spas offer:

  • Fully Insulated base Double wrapped / Arctic Package  Providing you with the best insulation on the market!

  • Ozonator disinfects your water allowing you to use 80% LESS chemicals

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