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GS Series

GS spas were created by our engineers to deliver the ideal combination of invigorating massage and innovative spa features, including stainless and graphite halo jets, a waterfall and Mini-chromatherapy lighting.

Relax your mind and body in the clean and clear water with soothing sounds of the waterfall, massaging pressure of the bubbling jets and the calming colors of the chromatherapy lights in your GS spa.


  • Up to 2 Pumps

  • Up to 50 Stainless and Graphite Halo Jets

  • Mini Chromatherapy Lighting

  • Waterfall

  • Sanitizing Ozonator

  • 100 sq ft Filter

  • *Features depend on spa model

Exclusive Steel City Discount Spas offer:

Fully Insulated base Double wrapped / Arctic Package  Providing you with the best insulation on the market!

Ozonator disinfects your water allowing you to use 80% LESS chemicals

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