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ES Series

ES spas deliver unsurpassed therapeutic massages, a soothing Chromatherapy Lighting system with more points of light under water and illluminated top-side valves and pillows, stainless and graphite halo jest and powerful volcano foot jets, the epitome of luxuriously indulgent relaxation of the muscles and the mind.


  • Up to 3 Pumps

  • Up to 65 Stainless & Graphite Halo Jets

  • 2 Volcano Jets at 70 GPM

  • Full Chromatherapy Lighting

  • Illuminated Controls and Pillows

  • Illuminated Waterfall

  • Touchscreen Topside Control

  • Sanitizing Ozonator

  • 100 sq ft Filter

  • *Features depend on spa model

Exclusive Steel City Discount Spas offer:

Fully Insulated base Double wrapped / Arctic Package  Providing you with the best insulation on the market!

Ozonator disinfects your water allowing you to use 80% LESS chemicals

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